SIC Membership

Notified certification bodies

A. Notified Certification Bodies
Notified bodies carry out their activities in accordance with the rules established in the System. The integration of the SIC-PRO software provides access to a single database. It allows a notified body to register the issued certificates in an online registry of certificates, which contributes to the expansion of business opportunities and the establishment of close external relations, as well as allows interested parties (industries, market, business, regulators, etc.) to obtain reliable information about the suppliers of products and services. The registry also allows you to get live updates regarding the status of a certificate.




B. Partners
Partners are the certification bodies that are accredited according to CASCO standards. These certification bodies participate in the accreditation exchange program, which allows them to enter the markets of other countries, expand the list of services provided by using the accreditations/auditors from other partners in the SIC.


C. Representative members
Representative members are appointed by the central office of the system for different regions of the globe. Representative members influence the SIC standards and strategy by participating in the System’s activities.


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