Why is my website not displayed in the registry?

With a goal to distribute the information of certified enterprises and their products/services, as well as, to improve partner and trade relationships, we have added website links of the certified companies to our registry if these websites contain the appropriate information (the certificate, label, written information).

In what way is notification beneficial to a certification body?

In order to expand the geography and field of activity of the certification body it is necessary to involve various specialists with appropriate experience and qualifications. In case if you become notified in the SIC system, you get access to the SIC-PRO software, which contains a database of specialists located in different parts of the world. Attracting these specialists minimizes training costs, as well as the cost of audits.

Additionally, with the help of the software you will be able to:

  • Monitor your customers;
  • Carry out operational planning and control the execution;
  • Keep records;
  • Track certificate status.

A notified certification body issues certificates on the S.I.C. System form on its own behalf.

The unique advantage of the System – accreditation exchange program between certification bodies.

How does the accreditation exchange work?

If a customer needs a certificate with accreditation which you might not currently have, then, with the help of a software product SIC-PRO, you can find the certification body that has the specific accreditation. Moreover, you will also be able to find cost information and related comments. You conduct the audit by attracting specialists from the SIC database. After analyzing the submitted reports, the certificate is registered. In this case, in contrast to the notification, the certificate is issued directly by the body that has the appropriate accreditation.

Is it possible to issue several certificates with different accreditations based on the results of one audit

Yes, but for each accreditation, you must issue a report on the relevant forms.

What is the difference between a certificate with accreditation and a certificate without accreditation?

In both cases, the goal of obtaining a certificate of conformity is to increase and strengthen the prestige of the organization, and to confirm its competence.

Certificate without accreditation

The advantages of such certificates are loyal price and quick response to the release of new standards (for instance, the standard is already implemented, but the accreditation agency is not yet ready nor does it provide accreditation for the requested standard. Therefore, an accredited certificate cannot be issued). The recognition of such certificates depends the Customer, as well as on the experience and brand recognition of the certification body.

Certificate with accreditation

This certificate confirms that the body is independent and works in a certain area and certain locations, and the activities of the body are subject to periodic monitoring by the accreditation agency. Recognition of certificate with accreditation depends on the Customer. (customer may require a certificate with a specific accreditation).