Notification procedure
In order to apply for notification, the customer must fill out the form on ( In this form, the customer specifies the desired type of activity that they are willing to get notified for. In case if the customer is applying for more than one type of activity, the application forms must be filled separately for each type of activity.

Depending on the declared type of activity, the Customer, upon request, sends the information in order to make sure that they are able to carry out the declared activity in the System.

A group of specialists is formed to analyze and verify the information provided.

SIC experts analyze the information. The decision on notification is then made based on the information provided.

Providing work instructions and procedures within the system. The customer is then connected to the sic-pro software and is given a software guide.

Customer’s specialists are trained in the stated field.

The notification certificate is issued for 3 years with annual confirmation.