Official authorization of works in the system by the established rules.

    International recognition of certificates, test reports, inspection results that are issued by certification / inspection bodies and laboratories, notified in the system and working under the same rules and principles in the SIC system against the requirements of national and international standards and guidelines.

      The notified body (laboratory) can immediately begin the work on certification ("easy start") after completing the procedure of notification and work effectively even in the absence of prior knowledge and experience thanks to:
    • Use of proven business systems, including the methodology of doing business, use of sic-pro software and other materials.
    • Access to the shared knowledge base.
    • Perform works concerning the certification under the well-known trademark.

    SIC International Certificate is the main evidence for the international recognition of all members of the partnership. On the basis of this certificate and at the request of the Customer notified body can use accreditation of other bodies of the System.

    Notification- quick start to begin the certification work!

    Notification acts as a tool for entering the System of International Certification SIC. Certificates issued by the members of the System are added to the International register. Additionally, the organizations that are a part of the System are able to use each other's accreditations. The number of notified bodies and partner organizations (as of 30.06.2019).