The technical committee for standardization «SIC/TC» is an association of interested enterprises and organizations, which is established on a voluntary basis with the goal to organize and conduct work on international standardization. The purpose of the TC is to promote the effectiveness of standardization work at the international level. Methodological management of the TC processes, as well as the coordination and control of its activity, are carried out by the coordination and administration board of the SIC system. The work of the Technical Committee is managed by the chairman of the TC The Secretariat of the TC is established on the basis of the S.I.C. Global Inc. which is providing funding as well as material and organizational support of its work. For communication, TC uses its own form with all the necessary requisites. The right to sign the official letters on the form is granted to the chairman of the TC, deputy chairman, and the responsible secretary of the TC.

  • Organization, development, expertize and negotiation on international standard projects, educational programs, methodological recommendations.
  • The period of the standard projects examination must not exceed 45 days from the day of its submission by the developer of the document package to the TC secretary.
  • Preparation for the motivated offers on the approval or cancellation of the standard projects.
  • Cooperation with other Technical committees.
  • Participation in the prescribed manner in the work of the TC of other international standardization organizations.
  • Participation of other international standardization organizations in the Technical Committee in the prescribed manner.

General management of the TC activity is done by the chairman of the committee The TC team consists of a deputy (deputies) chairman, secretariat, headed by the responsible secretary, and the member organizations of the TC. Working groups may be formed for the solution of special tasks within the TC whose leaders are appointed by the chairman.

Membership in the TC is voluntary. The technical committee is open for participation of other organizations that recognize this Regulation and implement the decisions made during its meetings. When changing the details of an organization or replacing its authorized representative, the head of the member organization of the Technical Committee must notify the TC secretariat within five days. The representatives of the member-organization in the technical committee The organization participates in the work of the TC through its authorized representative, financing all costs associated with this activity. The authorized representative is responsible for communication between organization and the TC secretariat. This person receives all correspondence sent by the secretariat and is responsible for the timely transfer of the materials to the organization’s employees for further work, and vice versa. The representative also participates in the TC meetings and votes on behalf of his/her organization. The representative must have a letter of attorney, signed by the head of the member organization of the TC, for making decisions on the issues discussed during the meeting of the TC.

    The TC member has the right to take part in all of the operations that are being carried out by the TC:
  • receive draft documents for review and give opinions on them. The development and expertise of these documents is done by the TC;
  • take part in a discussion about the document drafts on the TC meetings;
  • cooperate in the development of the drafts;
  • Receive information materials from the TC secretariat.

    Obligations of the TC member:
  • to participate in the TC meetings on a regular basis;
  • to submit comments (proposals) to the TC secretariat on all documents, the development and examination of which is organized by the TC;
  • The work related to the examination of these documents is carried out by TC members at no cost.
  • do not take action that could discredit the goals and objectives of the SIC system.

  • develops a strategy for the activities of the TC, organizes meetings of the TC, as well as takes part in the development and examination of draft documents;
  • represents the Technical Committee in all international and public organizations and is responsible for all matters within the competence of the TC, including the continuous information update;
  • appoints a deputy, who for the period of absence of the chairman, executes his powers;
  • appoints the leaders of the working groups, coordinates the composition of the secretariat, distributes the duties between his deputies, coordinates and controls the work;
  • organizes the development and approves the business plan and the long-term work program of the TC.

    The secretariat carries out:
  • reviews on the correctness of the paperwork submitted by the developer;
  • preparation based on the comments and proposals of TC members, as well as comments received from stakeholders in writing, and expert opinions on draft documents for consideration;
  • preparation of draft TC work plans;
  • organization of the TC meetings;
  • record keeping and reporting;
  • distribution of documents (usually in digital form), for the examination of draft documents among members of the TC;
  • development of a TC business plan.
  • The work of the secretariat is managed by a responsible secretary who must ensure the quality of all work performed by the secretariat.

    An appeal may be filed with the administrative coordination council by any legal or natural person in respect of:
  • TC decision;
  • activities of the TC secretariat.

The question of accepting new members of the TC is considered at the meeting on the basis of a written statement from the candidate organization to the members of the TC. An organization is considered accepted as a member of the Technical Committee if more than 50% of the list members of the TC vote for the reception.
    Membership in the TC terminates:
  • when leaving the TC organization on their own;
  • during the exclusion by the TC.
In the event of voluntary withdrawal from the TC, the membership is considered lost after the secretariat has received a statement containing information on the organization’s voluntary withdrawal from the TC.
    A TC member can be excluded for the following reasons:
  • systematic non-participation in the work of the TC;
  • failure to comply with the decisions of the TC meeting;
  • performing actions that discredit the ideas and goals of the system.
An organization is considered to have lost membership in the TC if at the meeting more than 50% of the list members of the TC voted for the exclusion. When changing the composition, one should strive to preserve the parity created by the formation of the TC of the member-organizations of the TC.